Current Projects

Here you will find a list of my published projects, along with brief descriptions for each.

Tissue Enrichment Analysis

I developed a tool similar to GO enrichment analysis. Given a list of C. elegans genes, the tool returns the tissues that are enriched in the list beyond a certain probability. Aside from this rather simple algorithm, the tool can return beautiful graphics. It has been published and peer-reviewed, and the tool can now be found online here. For users who are interested in scripting, the tool can also be installed via pip install tissue_enrichment_analysis.

Phenotype Enrichment Analysis and GO Analysis

Extensions to TEA. I expect to publish these tools within a few months. Currently under construction.

Differing Effects of Life History on Two C elegans genotypes

A project I performed in conjunction with Daniel Leighton. We are currently writing it up, and should be available in bioarxiv shortly. Come back soon for a preprint!