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Clubes de Ciencia MX, Ensenada Version, 2017

In July, Heather and I headed down to Ensenada to teach a Clubes workshop. Originally I wasn’t supposed to go with her, but her co-instructor cancelled at the last minute. Ensenada is quite close to LA—barely a 4 hour drive!

Heather had prepared a developmental biology workshop, complete with DIY microscopes. We may have smuggled some embryos across the border as well (they were disposed of properly).

Once in Ensenada, Heather started off the course teaching the students how to perform DNA extractions. The students loved it! She taught them about Hox genes and their role in fly development. I gave the students a basic introduction to C. elegans development and then we took them to the tidepools to look for small critters. We found plenty, including a gorgeous barnacle, many polychaetes and a gorgeous marine flatworm!

Ensenada is such a gorgeous city, filled with amazing food and with truly spectacular universities. We were lucky they were willing to host us for a week to teach science. The students were also wonderful—full of energy and questions, ready to start experimenting at the first opportunity.